Quality Car Covers since 1983!

Through the years, Onyx car covers have been trusted by thousands of classic and performance car enthusiasts worldwide. Onyx has been manufacturing high-quality car covers since 1983, beginning with the introduction of the Premium Flannel. This is an indoor cover made of a thick, double-napped fabric that is 100% breathable and mildew resistant for a great fit! Plus it comes with a free storage bag. This car cover quickly became popular within the automotive aftermarket and provided a solid foundation for future car cover innovations.

The EconoTech and MaxTech covers were introduced in 1998.  The EconoTech is a single layer indoor cover that repels water and dirt yet remains breathable. It is one of the finest budget-priced covers on the market plus it includes a free storage bag!

Sun, snow, rain, or sleet – when it comes to superior and affordable outdoor protection, the MaxTech car cover gives you the most value for your dollar featuring four-layers of protective, breathable material, front and rear elastic, custom fit mirror pockets and non-scratch tie-down grommets. It also includes a storage bag, tie-down cable and lock. The MaxTech cover has been one of the most popular car covers because of its combination of unique features and affordability compared to other more expensive covers.

Then in 2002, The Wall car cover was introduced. This outdoor / indoor cover features a unique “brick” pattern in the fabric and utilizes an advanced three-layer design. It features a year-specific fit and an elasticized hem with deep mirror pockets for a glove-like fit and easy installation! It also includes a free storage bag, cable and cable lock!

The SoftShield car cover made its debut in 2011, combining the outdoor protection of the MaxTech car cover with the paint pampering qualities of our Premium Flannel Cover! This unique outdoor / indoor cover has three outer layers of a durable, UV treated polypropylene material plus a very soft polyester fourth inner layer which gently protects your car’s finish! This cover includes front and rear elastic hems, custom fit mirror pockets, non-scratch tie-down grommets, a storage bag, tie-down cable and lock!

Then in 2015, Onyx launched its namesake car cover! This black, stretchy, form-fitting cover quickly became one of the most popular indoor covers. The Onyx cover’s fabric is made of a polyester blend of Lycra/Spandex which allows it to easily slip on and off the vehicle. The fabric has a satin-like exterior feel with a luxuriously soft underside. The front and rear hems, mirror pockets and generation-specific patterns are tailored to your vehicle, plus each Onyx indoor car cover includes a storage bag and 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Each Onyx car cover has stood the test of time because of their unique features, superior quality and protection designed to provide a “custom fit” for your vehicle! Today, Onyx produces car covers for the Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Chevelle, Challenger, Firebird, GTO and many more!

Onyx Covers is a proud member of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies including Corvette America, Mustang America, Mr. Mustang, Auto Accessories of America and Classic Car Dashes!